We are having a very peculiar winter this year… A green Christmas, snow storms one day followed by sunny days the next, bitter cold temperatures and more rain than snow. But I think that we all can agree that toques are the hottest winter accessory this year regardless of the weather! And of all the toques I’ve seen while out and about, the Tuck Shop cashmere toques with fur pom poms have got to be my all-time favourites! Beautifully cable knitted Grade A cashmere and the "oh so soft" recycled fur pom pom, I had to have one! So naturally, I couldn’t resist finding my way up to the Tuck Shop Trading Co. Outpost (at Yonge & Shaftesbury) to oogle at all their city of neighbourhoods toques, cashmere scarves, and fur vests. Be sure to make your way to the Tuck Shop Trading Co. for all your luxe winter wear and accessories, and tell them GenerationYYZ® sent you!

The “City of Neighbourhoods" gear and true all-"Canadien" wall decor!

It’s great to see and be part of a great Canadian-proud brand! Everything from their merchandise and tags to their store decor and photoshoots for the brand; it is all very rustic, comfy cozy Canadian style - Lots of plush fur, fireside memories and family fun! Winter isn’t over until March so go get your all-Canadian winter essentials from the Tuck Shop Outpost, or shop from their online boutique!

"Muskoka" toque from the Tuck Shop Trading Co. and antler door hooks from Veritas Inspired

Until next time… Enjoy!


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