Ahhh l’amour! Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it! I personally believe that “love" is something that should be celebrated all year, not just on one day. But there’s no harm in doing something special for your loved one on V-Day! A trinket or gesture of your affection is very much welcomed, including baked goods or even a tasty meal! Well… I don’t know about you but I’m a HUGE fan of Belgian waffles and what better way to celebrate your love this weekend - with your sweetheart, than with something pink and chocolate chip infused with whip cream, strawberries and candy sprinkles! This is how we do breakfast (or brunching), Valentines Day-style! Yumm…

Candy Heart Confetti from ThePaperMenagerie on Etsy

~ The Waffles ~

Solid Maple Kitchen Conversion Cutting Board from Masterpiece Gallery by PaulSzewc on Etsy

Ingredients… You’ll Need:

- box of Perfectly Pink Pancake Mix

- 1 cup of water

- mixing bowl (or large measuring cup) to mix batter

- whisk

- 1/8 cup of oil (for more of a waffle texture, not airy pancake texture) - OPTIONAL


1. Add pancake mix to mixing bowl (or large measuring cup).

2. Add 1 cup of water to the mix and whisk until smooth.

3. Spray waffle maker plates with baking spray and bring to temperature.

Click the image above of the CUISINART Waffle Maker to shop it from Hudson’s Bay!

4. Pour batter into the waffle maker until evenly coating all areas of the plates (do not over do it or else batter will squeeze out the sides).

5. Cook waffle for approximately 2-3 minutes, until starting to become golden in colour.

6. Remove carefully from waffle maker (using tongs is strongly advised) then plate.

~ The Whip Cream ~

Ingredients… You’ll Need:

Whip-It! whipper

- 3 tablespoons of Simply Organic Vanilla Extract

- 500ml of Organic Meadows Whipping Cream


1. Pour 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract into the Whip-It! whipper.

2. Pour the entire 500ml of whipping cream into canister.

3. Following the Whip-It! instructions, insert the N2O charger into the holder and screw on to the canister. Screw on until you hear the N2O being released into the canister. Wait until the charger has stopped hissing then remove the holder and charger from the canister and re-screw on the small lid/cover.

4. Shake the canister vigorously several times vertically upright prior to use.

5. To master the proper technique you may need to practice a few times… But be sure to hold the canister completely vertically upside down with the nozzle towards the plate and squeeze slowly to disperse the fresh whipping cream. Then… TA-DAH!!! *Please Note: You can store the Whip-It! whipper in the fridge for up to 14 days so that you may always have fresh whipping cream on hand! LOVE IT!!!

6. Garnish the plate with heart-shaped strawberries, sprinkles and/or syrup (optional). Enjoy!

Happy Valentines, my loves! XoXo

Until next time… Enjoy!


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