Happy Canada Day all!

Wondering what to make tonight for dinner in the humid and sticky weather? How’s about a fresh and fun summertime Cobb salad!? Light and hydrating, but delicious and packed with protein; it’s sure to hit the spot… See below for recipe. Enjoy!

Ingredients (seen above left to right)… You’ll need:

- barbecued President’s Choice maple bacon 

hardboiled eggs (approximately 1-2 per plate)

- avocado (ripened)

- tomatoes (any type will work fine… yellow heirloom tomatoes pictured above)

- cucumber

- sweet yellow onion (or red onion, if you prefer)

- head of iceberg lettuce

President’s Choice garlic and herb feta or blue cheese


All ingredients need to be chopped or diced then laid in rows on the plate. Serve with President’s Choice salad dressing of your choice. I’m a huge fan of President’s Choice so all ingredients are from Loblaws  (and as it happens, the Maple Leaf gardens location is open today if you need to run out for some of the above listed ingredients), but feel free to use whatever you have or purchase from wherever you prefer to shop. However, I highly recommend the President’s Choice Maple Bacon!  It is delicious, and patriotic in spirit of this Canada Day! Bon appétit!

Until next time… Enjoy!