Who can resist the delicious smell of warm cinnamon buns rising in the oven?! Not me! That’s for sure! Especially when the cinnamon buns also include the main ingredient of my all-time favourite pie… Pumpkin Pie! *swoon* Cinnamon, pumpkin pie filling, Philadelphia cream cheese icing AND fresh whip cream! Mmmm… 

Here is the recipe for this perfect (quick and easy) fall dessert...

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Ingredients… You’ll need:

Cinnamon Buns (makes 8 per tube of dough)

- 1-2 tubes of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with Icing (be sure to get the one that includes icing unless you plan on making your own from scratch)

- 1 can of E.D. Smith pumpkin pie filling



- icing from the tube

Philadelphia Light cream cheese


Fresh Whip Cream

- fresh whipping cream

- 1 tbsp of Wholesome Sweeteners organic sugar

- approx. 1/8 cup of hot water to dissolve the sugar in

Whip-It! whip cream dispenser

*You’ll also need a cutting board, knife, teaspoon, tablespoon, cake pan, baking spray, a small sauce pan, spatula and whisk.  

Baking Directions (for the cinnamon buns):

1. Preheat your oven to 400° (Fahrenheit). Spray the cake pan with PAM baking spray.

2. Open the tube of cinnamon buns (Be careful not to dump the icing that comes with when you pop it open).

3. Because you want to wrap pumpkin pie filling inside the cinnamon roll, cut open each pre-formed piece of dough as seen above, so you are left with a straight and flat piece of dough for each roll.

4. Next, flatten the dough and lay out in strips on your cutting board.

5. Add a teaspoon or two of the pumpkin pie filling to the strips of dough and smooth across each one, then roll the bun back together and place in the greased cake pan.

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6. Place in the oven and bake for approximately 15-17 minutes until golden brown, but still soft looking.

7. While the buns are baking in the oven, make the cream cheese icing.

Baking Directions (for the Philadelphia cream cheese icing):

1. Start by adding the icing that came in the tube to a small sauce pan on low heat.

2. Scoop in approximately 1/2 a cup of Philadelphia Cream Cheese to the sauce pan and stir until melted and combined, then remove from heat and set aside. You may wish to use a whisk to ensure that there are no chunks of cream cheese.

3. Once the buns have been removed from the oven, let cool for a few moments then plate and drizzle lightly with the cream cheese icing.  

Directions (for the fresh whip cream using Whip-It! whip cream dispenser):

1. As per the Whip-It! instructions - Solid sweeteners or sugars cannot be added directly to the canister to sweeten the whip cream; you must first dissolve it in hot water. So add 1 tbsp of organic sugar to 1/8 of a cup of hot water and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved and you are left with syrup.

2. Let cool before adding the syrup to the canister.

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3. Add the fresh whipping cream only as high as to the MAX fill line on the outside of the canister.

4. Following the Whip-It! instructions, insert the N2O charger into the holder and screw on to the canister. Screw on until you hear the N2O being released into the canister. Wait until the charger has stopped hissing then remove the holder and charger from the canister and re-screw on the small lid/cover.

5. Shake the canister vigorously several times vertically upright prior to use.

6. To master the proper technique you may need to practice a few times… But be sure to hold the canister completely vertically upside down with the nozzle towards the plate and squeeze slowly to disperse the fresh whipping cream. Then… TA-DAH!!! *Please Note: You can store the Whip-It! whipper in the fridge for up to 14 days so that you may always have fresh whipping cream on hand! LOVE IT!!!

The result is truly DELICIOUS!

Until next time… Enjoy!