I've always been the type to go to the fridge and pour myself a big glass of milk. So when I got diagnosed with "Lactose-Intolerance", I thought my life was OVER! But let's back up a bit to give you the full story...

As a child I grew up on a 100-acre produce farm, and my mom was the daughter of a dairy farmer. So dinner always consisted of lots of homegrown veggies served with a glass of cold milk. It was learned behaviour right from a young age. Then in college when I was diagnosed with an ulcer (later to find out wrongfully diagnosed, we'll get to that. [P.S Ulcers run in my family]) I upped my intake of milk thinking I was helping by coating the lining of my stomach. Insert seven years of a daily prescription plus A LOT of milk and you get me curled up in the fetal position on the bathroom floor several times a week, unable to go to school or work. Ugh... Not fun! It was especially awful when I was stressed, which was a vicious cycle, cause "Hello!" I was stressed out about not stressing out and making myself worse! (Not to mention social media is a business that never sleeps; very demanding, fast-paced, resulting in lots of customer service and even reputation management/damage control - EVERY minute of EVERY day! = STRESSFUL, but I love it!)

Finally I'd had enough. So I made several appointments with GP doctors, switched doctors, switched prescriptions... Nothing helped. I had blood work done and G.I tract testing... Nothing to report. My former GP was very dismissive in my plea to help me figure out what was wrong with me. The last straw for me was when she sent me a very blunt email saying that my test results were normal, there was nothing wrong with me and, if I needed to, I could book another appointment. GRRR... Not cool!

With nothing to lose I sought out Dr. Shannon Vander Doelen, Naturopathic Doctor. Working with Dr. Shannon, not only did I discover that I had been wrongfully diagnosed with an ulcer when I actually had Hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) and years of prescriptions was making it worse, but that I was also lactose-intolerant. I remember sitting in her office repeating silently in my head, "Anything but dairy... Please don't take away my dairy."

{Click to shop Lacteeze supplements from Well.ca}

{Click to shop Lacteeze supplements from Well.ca}

Lacteeze offers a lactase supplement that is now permanent staple in my purse. So that in the likelihood that I'm out and might eat or drink something that has dairy in it, I can chew 1-3 of these minty flavoured tablets beforehand and be just fine. Not to mention, my Saturday ritual of eating custard and chocolate-filled croissants from the Stonemill Bakehouse at St. Lawrence Market is saved! Big thumbs up! 

And Lacteeze also makes lactose-free milk! And it... is... YUMMY! This dairy loving girl can drink all the (LF) milk she wants now! And much to my surprise and satisfaction it doesn't taste any different than regular milk! BONUS!

{Lacteeze milk available at Longo's  exclusively  in Ontario}

{Lacteeze milk available at Longo's exclusively in Ontario}

So stay tuned to the blog as I make lactose-free recipes using Lacteeze milk and other lactose-free products! 

Until next time… Enjoy!