Easter, and decorating for Easter, can be oodles of fun! Especially if you decide to decorate some Easter eggs! I haven’t decorated real eggs for Easter since I was a kid. So when I decided I’d do it again this year, I thought it would be nice to elevate this DIY with some influence and inspiration from none other than Martha Stewart. Now just as an upfront disclosure, the process I am about to walk you through is rather long due to working with real eggs and dyeing multiple colours, etc. But it is totally worth it! These eggs turned out better than I expected!

If you want to cut a few corners you can always use styrofoam or wooden craft eggs, paint them in your desired colour(s) and decorate accordingly - Or you can dip dye using hard boiled eggs (but please note that hardboiled eggs must be kept refridgerated after decoration). Have fun!

Things you’ll need for blowing out and dip dyeing...

- 6 to 12 fresh white eggs

All-Clad kettle to boil hot water (1/2 to 1 cup of hot water per colour)

- vinegar (1 to 2 teaspoons per colour)

- container to dye eggs in (preferably glass)

- spoon(s) to submerge egg in colour

- food colouring (your choice in colours)

Renova paper towel

- Newspaper

- Gold acrylic paint

- Paintbrushes (optional)

Here's a humorous yet instructional video on how to blow out real eggs for Easter egg decorating from ModernMom and Jessie Jane from Lilyshop...

Dip dyeing: Pink, Lime and Yellow!

To get your desired colour, there is some trial and error involved… You may need to add more drops of food colouring if it is not turning the colour you want, and you may need to leave the egg in for anywhere from two minutes to 15 minutes before you’re happy with the result. It’s all based on your personal preference.

Click the above image to shop the All-Clad kettle from Hudson’s Bay

Dip Dyeing: Orange, Blue and Purple!

This is the result! TA-DAH!

Here is a beautiful way to decorate your Easter eggs from Martha Stewart...

And here is my alternative to gold leafing… Sponge painting or ragging using paper towel with gold paint to achieve a similar effect! Another way to decorate your eggs with gold paint is to dry brush the paint on.

~ Creating the Centrepiece ~

You'll need...

- your blown-out, dip dyed eggs

- bag of crinkle kraft paper

- a bunny for the centre

- a large accent bowl

- Easter chocolate/candy (optional)

Here are a few of my favourite “Easter" things...

Until next time… Enjoy!


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