I have a weak spot for decor. Correction: I have a weak spot for “matchy matchy" decor.

I like there to be a cohesiveness and consistency throughout the various rooms when I decorate. Don’t get me wrong, I like to mix and match too; with different textures, medias, etc. But there is something to be said about your decor having a fluidity to it; tying each room and your tastes together. One of my favourite go-to places for shopping decor is quickly becoming Etsy! I love being able to buy unique, handmade items as well as support small business owners (and local business owners whenever I can). See below for some of my favourite recent finds...

I pick up fresh flowers from the St. Lawrence Market every Saturday. My home simply would not be the same without fresh flowers on the table. I believe in the little things - and that sometimes the smallest of gestures are the most special. Things like fresh flowers, freshly laundered guest hand towels in the bathroom and warm, fresh pastries for breakfast. One of my favourite books/ebooks is “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life" that shares tips and tricks that have been passed from generation to generation that all women should know - but many may not.

Click the above image to shop “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life" from Indigo!

Peonies from the St. Lawrence Market farmer’s market

Dior “Miss - 359" Lipstick, YSL “Golden Pivoine - 10" Lip Gloss and Dior “Glory - 660" Nailpolish

Mean Girls Assorted Engraved Pencils from TheCarbonCrusader on Etsy

Dior “Cheek & Lip Glow" and “Pink Sunrise - 001" Blush Harmony with Kabuki Brush

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