I don’t know about you, but I start each and every morning with a cup of my favourite home-brewed Starbucks® coffee! And Christmas morning won’t be any exception! But this year when I wake up on December 25th (at probably 6AM out of excitement), I plan on my morning "Cup of Joe" being a bit more festive than the other days of the year - with the Starbucks® Christmas Blend… It’s like Christmas in a cup!

If you’ve never tried French Press coffee it’s really time you should! It really brings out the exquisite flavours of the beans. You’ll taste coffee like you’ve never tasted it before! It’s also super fun to do whether you're alone or entertaining; with its classic style. Not to mention, it’s surprisingly easy.

You’ll see below that I decided to pair my “Christmas in a cup" with my mom’s homemade shortbread cookies! Mmmm… Nothing like mom or grandma’s Christmas cookies to get you in the spirit wherever you are! Here’s sneak peak; an insider’s look, at what my Christmas morning will look like (and a brief how-to for using a french press)… Enjoy!

Using the Bodum Chambord French Press, follow the directions for amount of coffee grounds per number of cups you wish to make, then add to the press. For making the full 8-cup press I recommend using 8-10 scoops (at least one scoop per cup) depending on your taste. Be sure to use only coarse ground coffee beans so not to clog the delicate wire filter of the press.

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In a kettle heat up some water. You do not want to add rapidly boiling water directly to the French Press, so if you do bring the water to a boil be sure to wait a few minutes before adding. Add a small amount the hot water to the press, just enough to soak the grinds and let sit for 30seconds to a minute (with the lid back on the press - But don’t press down yet).

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Stir the grinds with a plastic spoon before adding the rest of the water to the press, then gently stir again and pop the lid back on. Let the coffee grinds and hot water sit for approximately four minutes more before*slowly* pressing the plunger down.

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Happy "Day before Christmas" from GenerationYYZ®!

Until next time… Enjoy!


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