Today marks exactly two weeks until Christmas Day, so I decided to brave the snow storm and march myself over to the post office so I could mail all my loved ones Christmas cards! I remember growing up as a child, my family always received an abundance of Christmas cards year after year! But as the years past, and technology and the way we communicate became more digital, the polite gesture of the Christmas card decreased in popularity. But I’m here to tell you that Christmas cards and hand-written notes are NOT dead! And should be sent! Because now, more than ever, the Christmas card is a very thoughtful and beautiful gesture to extend towards your friends, family and colleagues (in place of the generally tacky e-cards and last minute text message)! Let me tell you, mailing Christmas cards is totally worth it. So hop to it, you’ve still got time!

I instantly fell in love with this chic boxed set of Kate Spade Christmas Cards from Indigo (which have since sold out)!

Click the above image to shop other Kate Spade paper products from Indigo!

You don’t have to write a novel, just something short, sweet and hand-written will do! And I always include some fun Christmas confetti from the dollar store in each card.

You can hand-write the address as well, but I prefer the Avery clear labels (both mailing and return labels) for a polished look!

To all my GenerationYYZ followers, this card is for you!

How cute are these faux wax seal “Merry Christmas” stickers from Zazzle!? Next year I plan on sealing my Christmas cards with real wax seals!

I chose to mail my Christmas cards at Toronto’s first ever post office, the Town of York Post Office on Adelaide! 

What’s a Christmas card without a festive holiday stamp!? My thoughts exactly!

Here’s mailing deadlines from Canada Post’s website to help you ensure you get your Christmas Cards or parcels mailed in time! Click the image below for more information!

Until next time… Enjoy!


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