Home Feature: Tea Time with Tea Forté - Pumpkin Spice Black Tea

Every now and then it’s just nice to make a little time for tea! A moment when you can sit with yours hands clasped around a warm tea cup or mug and calmly inhale the sweet warmth as it rises. This time of year is hectic for most, and I, too, am no exception. This year it seems like the holidays have snuck up on me! Maybe it’s the lack of snow on the ground or the positive temperature days we’ve been having lately, but not only do I not feel quite festive enough yet, but this untraditional weather has also been making me feel grey. Call me crazy but I like a little white stuff on the ground this time of year (if I wanted a green Christmas I’d move to California)!

Fortunately, sometimes all you need to centre yourself, and press the reset button on your hectic day, is to curl up with a good cup of tea. My favourite teas by far have to be from Tea Forté; with all their delectable flavours and aromas. Their teas truly distract your conscious (if even just for a moment) and run away with your senses with every cup! Their Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Black Tea is one of my favourites! It’s like everything delicious from fall and winter in a cup… Pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Because of my Irish lineage, I can’t help but think that it also tastes a little like a Hot Toddy (sans alcohol, of course)! Yumm…

Oops, sorry I was having a moment… Anywho, here’s how I do tea time! Be sure to enter the contest at the bottom… Enjoy!

I LOVE my handy kettle from All-Clad; it is the most effective kettle I’ve ever owned and the whistle that it emits is very pleasant! This kettle works for all gas, electric coil, smooth top and induction stove tops.

Click the above image to shop All-Clad kettle from Hudson’s Bay!

Click the above image to shop Tea Forté from Indigo!


Click the above image to shop Tea Forté Pyramid Diffuser from Indigo!

Click the above image to shop Lacoste Washcloths & Towels from Hudson’s Bay!

I stumbled upon this super cute tea steeping timer website called Steep.it and not only does it tell you at what temperature and how long you should steep different types of teas, it also has a timer feature that will count down for you until your tea is properly steeped and ready for enjoyment! Nifty!

These Bodum double-walled glass mugs are my favourite to enjoy my tea in, so I can watch the process as it steeps!

Click the above image to shop Bodum from Indigo!

I decided to enjoy my tea with a generous slice of Starbuck’s Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake! The perfect pairing! Mmmm… Etiquette napkin pictured above from UrbanBirdandCo.

Until next time… Enjoy!


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Home Feature: Christmas Cards

Today marks exactly two weeks until Christmas Day, so I decided to brave the snow storm and march myself over to the post office so I could mail all my loved ones Christmas cards! I remember growing up as a child, my family always received an abundance of Christmas cards year after year! But as the years past, and technology and the way we communicate became more digital, the polite gesture of the Christmas card decreased in popularity. But I’m here to tell you that Christmas cards and hand-written notes are NOT dead! And should be sent! Because now, more than ever, the Christmas card is a very thoughtful and beautiful gesture to extend towards your friends, family and colleagues (in place of the generally tacky e-cards and last minute text message)! Let me tell you, mailing Christmas cards is totally worth it. So hop to it, you’ve still got time!

I instantly fell in love with this chic boxed set of Kate Spade Christmas Cards from Indigo (which have since sold out)!

Click the above image to shop other Kate Spade paper products from Indigo!

You don’t have to write a novel, just something short, sweet and hand-written will do! And I always include some fun Christmas confetti from the dollar store in each card.

You can hand-write the address as well, but I prefer the Avery clear labels (both mailing and return labels) for a polished look!

To all my GenerationYYZ followers, this card is for you!

How cute are these faux wax seal “Merry Christmas” stickers from Zazzle!? Next year I plan on sealing my Christmas cards with real wax seals!

I chose to mail my Christmas cards at Toronto’s first ever post office, the Town of York Post Office on Adelaide! 

What’s a Christmas card without a festive holiday stamp!? My thoughts exactly!

Here’s mailing deadlines from Canada Post’s website to help you ensure you get your Christmas Cards or parcels mailed in time! Click the image below for more information!

Until next time… Enjoy!


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Home Feature: Fall-Themed Bathroom Makeover

I just adore the change of seasons, and changing my decor accordingly. So I figured that I should share this post with you before Fall is over (and the ever approaching Winter is officially here), showcasing my fall-themed bathroom. Funnily enough, the bathroom tends to be one of my favourite rooms to decorate! Check out how the makeover turned out below...

Two of my favourite bathroom accessories include the occupancy indicator doorknob (shown above)! And... my Man/Woman bathroom door decal from Kellon Designs



Click the above images to shop fragrances from Hudson’s Bay!

The most amazing shower faucet, Moxie® Showerhead + Bluetooth Speaker from Kohler Canada

The vanity - I LOVE the beautiful colours of the fall leaves!

The towel rack now holds a Ralph Lauren Bath Towel and washcloth, along with a Lacoste hand towel

Click the above images to shop towels from Hudson’s Bay!

Brown chevron ironing board cover from Barefoot Lake

Handcrafted cast iron antler door hook from Veritas Inspired 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour-scheme! I LOVE my fall-themed bathroom!

Until next time… Enjoy!


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Home Feature: "MENU Design by Norm - Bottle Grinder" for Salt & Pepper

This uniquely shaped and Danish-designed salt & pepper grinder set is a must have for any modern or minimalist kitchen! They come in a variety of different colours, and you can select from a wood or stainless steel lid, complementing any home cook’s colour scheme (“Nude" coloured set pictured below). Easily adjust the lid to choose from four grinding options, then turn upside down over your plate and twist the body of the grinder to disperse. Love it!

Check it out here and more products from the amazing MENU Design Shop!

Tea towel by Oh, Little Rabbit

How much do you LOVE this product?!?! Check out their website… What other products of theirs peak your interest? Tell me below in the comments!

Until next time… Enjoy!