I've decided that I need to share some truths, with you, my followers. You see, I started this blog over two years ago this June and I labelled it a Toronto "Luxury" Lifestyle blog. Well... The truth is that the pressures and expectations of living up to that title just don't seem to fit with me and my lifestyle. It's all very nice and admirable to strive to live a luxurious life and surround yourself with the most sought-after designer things, and jet-set around the world; and maybe someday I will. But for now, I'm just me! A girl that loves social media and writing... Who loves fashion, beauty and home decor... And who more recently loves cooking, meal planning and living a healthier lifestyle. (Oh, and I can't forget... Who loves her always cute and often quirky Miniature Pinscher, CoCo.) 

I find that I'm regularly choosing not to write on my blog because I don't feel the content is worthy of the "luxury" lifestyle label and in turn that I'm not worthy. As a Type A person, the pressures to be perfect are overwhelming in all areas of my life and I'm very hard on myself... On several occasions I have even gone through the entire process of taking photos, editing them and writing a few paragraphs for the blog post only to look back and decide not to post it at all because it wasn't "good enough". Instead of sharing all the fun and happy things I get up to... I've only been sharing the super elite, or super photoshopped things.

I want to make a change...

I admit that I am kind of jealous of all of those Instagram feeds that are perfectly lit with crisp white, clean looking photos that tell such a beautiful and cohesive story. But as someone who has been both in front of and behind the camera, and in the modelling industry and the print industry, I know this is not how these other people/bloggers live, at least not all of the time, in real life. These pictures are staged and styled. I admire them for what they are, but I also know that some of the prettiest flat lays are on a marble tile in the middle of someone's living room with photography lighting setup all around it in order to get that perfect shot. Don't get me wrong, I hope to improve my own photography skills with some courses in the near future. But not so that I can show only the super staged parts of my life, but so I can share the fun and candid parts of my life (all while having a better understanding of utilizing natural light... AND all the settings on my camera).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I've always qualified myself by my achievements or job. I've always been "Dyan - The girl that won three terrific kid awards in elementary school", or  "The competitive dancer" or "Miss Teen Canada" and then later in life I was "Dyan - The girl who does social media for a luxury hotel" and "The girl that does social media for a communications agency"... And most recently it's been "Dyan - The girl that just got laid-off so now I'm trying to figure it all out/full-time blogger". But the truth is... That's NOT who I AM! And I have my amazingly supportive boyfriend to thank for helping me to realize that! His pep talks and continual belief in me is what has motivated me to make a change. 

I want to be authentic.

I want my friends and followers to come along on the REAL adventure that I call my life. I want to be silly, and honest, and fun. I want to build up and support other bloggers in their journey to find their "real" story too, and to not be afraid. To not be afraid to share their real self with the online world. To not be afraid of being judged or feel that all of their content needs to be staged. To be themselves and have an Instagram feed that they can look back on someday and remember all the fun times, not all the staged moments. And with that, I'd like to re-introduce myself for the next chapter of GenerationYYZ. I'd just like to add that... This is our generation, and we can be who ever we want to be!

So, "Hi!" I'm Dyan. I'm a twenty-something girl living in Oldtown, downtown Toronto, in a somewhat crowded but cozy condo with my awesome, handsome and hardworking boyfriend and our litter box-trained rescue dog, CoCo. I've recently completed the Elimination Diet for food allergies after seeing an amazing Naturopath, Dr. Shannon Vander Dooelen [you should definitely visit her if your health concerns aren't being adequately addressed via traditional medicine]. Working with Dr. Shannon has resulted in me finding out that I benefit from taking a few supplements daily and that I am lactose intolerant {Voice Over: "Stay tuned for some delicious lactose-free recipes as I figure this all out"}.

I love meal planning and meal prepping especially while using a rainbow of healthy and mostly organic ingredients. I medititate every day. I practice yoga between three to four times a week, and I just started taking tennis lessons (something I've always wanted to do). Saturday morning is market day, so you can always find me at St. Lawrence Market. I don't like "fast fashion". My style is very classic and casual; I could live in my Ted Baker jeans and a v-neck tee. And this girl LOVES high heels!

I can't go a day without my SkinCeuticals skincare products or Kevin Murphy haircare products. And I won't go outside without an ample amount of Dior mascara and lipgloss. My favourite food is sushi or pizza from True True Pizza down the street. I'm a Starbucks girl all the way! And I like to drink my coffee in the mornings on the balcony. But most of all, I just want to be happy and healthy, and enjoy all the days of my life! 

That's the "real" me in a nutshell! So I hope you'll follow me on my journey as I meal plan and cook a lot, drink wine and cocktails often, makeover our place seasonally with items I've pinned on Pinterest, talk all things healthy and active living, as well as test out and showcase some of my must-haves for fashion and beauty. Oh and watch as CoCo opens her monthly Barkbox or tries on outfits! This little dog loves her hoodies! LOL

So are you ready? Okay! Let's have some fun! 

Until next time... Enjoy!